Saturday, December 13, 2008

California Never Rains

We have whole year long sunshine which we love, enjoy and take advantage of. In California, it almost never rains.

So where does our water come from? Especially we don't have river run through south California.

One day when I washed my hands, I started thinking about this question and wondering how long my pipe would be to link to the source of my tap water.

I did some research and it's much far er than I expected. There are 3 sources of the tap water which I can't live without.

1. State Water Project: This project includes 22 dams and reservoirs, a Delta pumping plant, a 444 mile long aqueduct that carries water from Delta through the San Joaquin Valley to southern California. At some area, some giant pumps lift the water over 2000 feet mountain and into southern California.

2. The Colorado River: Colorado River is 1440 mile passes 7 states. The interesting part is Colorado River runs through a very small area of California, almost around the boarder of it. However it serves 18 million customers with it's 4.4 million acre-feet of water annually.

3. Ground water: about 30% of California total annual water comes from groundwater in normal year. But if it's a drought year, it would supply up to 60%. Groundwater doesn't exit in underground lakes but between sand, gravel, silt and clay in water-bearing formations known as aquifers.

Now I have a very good reason not to waste water. It does come a long way and is really precious.

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Friday, December 05, 2008

Green Party for Patrick

Patrick turned 7 this December.

I was thinking to have a green birthday party for him. We talked about it and he liked the idea. I was very proud that he knew the difference we were going to make and he's happy that the presents wouldn't be brand new.

Here's what I asked for from other parents:

1. Find something already in their house which their children no longer play with and Patrick will enjoy. Anything that didn't cost them extra.
2. Don't wrap the presents.
3. Ask the children to draw a card for Patrick instead of buying one.

Here's my part:
1. Don't use any disposable plates, utentiles...... I don't have enough so I borrowed some plates from another mom.
2. Take all the toys and books my kids no longer used and displayed them in the shelves. All the children can pick some before they leave the party.
3. Cut the food and the cake smaller pieces and limited the waste. For people who liked the cake, can have more pieces.
4. Prepare some Q & A about enviromental issues for my little guests.

The results:

1. This party we almost had no waste.
2. Patrick enjoyed his presents very much.
3. The kids had fun and seemed like their goodies.
4. I didn't have chance to talk about my Q & A part, I guess I'll have to make it more interesting next time.

Here's one thing I'd really like to share with the kids but didn't do it

Why should we be earth friendly? My answer:
Because we have only one earth and the resource is limited.
Because you live longer than me.
Because I love you very much. I try to save a better earth for you and your children.
Everyone is part of earth. If we take good care of earth, it will take care of us too.

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