Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Father and Son 父與子


The picture says it all.


Patrick came home 出院回家



I still remember when we came home from Hospital, how terrified I was. Yes, terrified. Alex needed to leave the house for some reason, And I suddenly felt so helpless. I really had no idea what to do with Patrick. "Do I have to play with him." "What if he cries, what should I do?"

That night, Patrick couldn't sleep. He cried and cried. I tried everything but nothing worked. Finally, I held him and lay down together on the sofa. Eventually, he calmed down and fell asleep. Until that moment, I believed I can be a mother and take care of this little infant.


The Big Day

And it was the big day. Patrick arrived!


The New Sofa 新沙發


The due day was apporaching. We bought another set of sofa in case family and friends came over to visit us. Certainly, some baby essential too, crib, stroller... Everything was so new to me. Even the baby kicking was very real, I still wondered -- how come this is happening to me?


Tuesday, March 28, 2006

First Holloween, 第一個萬聖節


In American, Holloween is many children's favorite holiday. I didn't get it, how come they are not afraid of the spooky decorations? The witches, monsters, skelotons look so real and scary. But after experiencing trick or treat, I know the answer.


Parade 軍事遊行



Home, Sweet Home, 2001

接著,我們買了一輛中古車,一台自行車讓他上班,這時Baby也快來了, 增添更多的家具,越來越有一個小家庭的樣子。

We got the first car for me, first bike for him and first baby on the way. We also added more furnitures. Our home looked more like a home.


Our first apartment, 2001


We stayed in this apartment for about two and half years. The sofabed was our first furniture. Then the media center, desk, dining table and chairs.......