Wednesday, January 21, 2015

From mom

Dear Patrick,

I love you, very much!

As your mom, I hope you grown up to be a person loving, caring, useful, respectful with confidence and dignity.

So one day when we are not around bugging you, when you are away from home all by yourself, besides us, other people still love you and treat you well because of who you are. No matter what kind of profession you have and regardless your fortune.

Everyday, when you go home sleeping in the bed, 
you can face yourself honestly: "Good man! I respect who I am today."
When the last day of your life comes, 
you can rest in peace, people will say: " Good life, I respect who you were."

This is what grandpa told me.  He is my role model. I'm working on it everyday. He is still working on it too. I urge you start doing it.  It feels good.  

Then I can let you go without worry. 
Because you are in good hands, your very own ones. 
You can be anyone, go anywhere, you will be fine. 

Schools nurture you with knowledge and polish skills for profession.
Family establish characters and cultures.

We are from Taiwan. Your root, your family, your relatives are all there.
That's why I insist you both learning Chinese, the language that bridge you and your root from the other side of the world. It's a lot of efforts but it's a good thing. You have the first person experiences seeing people who do not have the way and can only look at it from a distance. 

Even without school, we can still do it. I hope we can do it together. I'll do my part to make it fun. You can do your part to learn. 

I wish one day, my grand children can speak Chinese to me, knowing where they are from, you can take them to Taiwan and show them what a great place it is, the Formosa island with nice people.  They might even understand what I talk about. You can read my blog which I wrote in Chinese and know exactly how I feel about you. So you can always come back to visit and remember how you are being loved. 


Jan 21, 2015